“Appropriate and Responsible Practices
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To prepare:
Review Parts 2 3 and 4 of the Major Assessment as assigned throughout this course and organized for Module 4: Week 8 Assignment 3.
Then consider how this content could be introduced and framed through the Introduction and Part 1 so that your reader(s) are clear on the most important considerations concerning assessment for young children.
Write an informative and summative overview of the importance of assessment in early childhood.
Be sure to address the following:
Why should we assess young children?
What is purposeful assessment?
Part 1 Appropriate and Responsible Practices
Complete Part 1 by providing a thorough discussion of the following:
The importance of assessment in early childhood
The need for assessment in early childhood
How assessment fosters healthy development
How assessment can guide teaching and learning
What early intervention can do for children
How and why families can be and need to be involved in assessment
The links between instruction assessment development and learning.
All information should be properly cited from course readings and from your own research including seven or more scholarly resources with at least four from the last 5 years.
Suggested length:
Introduction: 1 page
Part 1: Minimun of 4 pages”